So What IS Redtail Research?

We provide good data

Redtail research is an online resource that provides individual investors with tools to make the best investment decisions for themselves.

We crunch the public data on any stock, do the math in the background, and then match that to investment styles and guru styles, refreshing our information daily. All of this is provided for $5/mo, and you can cancel at any time.

We help you learn

There’s a multi-trillion dollar industry created to make investing look and sound confusing. Our goal is to demystify the market so regular people can participate. We’re churning out content constantly, both free and members-only, so everyone can benefit.

We do not predict the future

Redtail Research is just that – a research platform. We do not make predictions, or tell you how to invest. Accordingly, Any piece of information, analysis, research or prices obtained by using Redtail Research does not constitute or provoke investment advice.

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