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Market fluctuations are our idea of pillow talk.

Redtail Research is an online resource that provides regular people with the tools to make the best investment decisions for themselves.

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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

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We Crunch the Numbers

Due diligence is key in determining if a company is right for you. We crunch the numbers daily on the worlds largest markets, and present it to you in a way that doesn’t look like moon runes.

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What good is data if you can’t use it in time? We send you a market report to your inbox before the day’s market opens – you’ll have plenty of time to do a spot check and make adjustments.

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We’re a small team, so we’re not going to leave you out in the dark. Our new features will be what you tell us you want to see as we continue to demystify the market.

Don't invest in dumpster fires

Proper due diligence makes a difference

Knowing what makes a good company a good company is really easy to figure out – there’s just a multi-trillion dollar industry that makes money by making it confusing. 

We’re here to change that – We’re a small, yet dedicated team of financial and computer nerds who realized that nobody was helping out the little guy. We realized that most of our friends – and a lot of the people we’ve talked to – are very intimidated by the stock market. They don’t know what stocks are out there, what to invest in – and more importantly, what makes a good investment. 

Because they don’t know what to do, they don’t do anything. 

This breaks our hearts.

This is why we’re here.

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Nothing changes until you leap out of the nest.

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